Chanoyu where you can learn how to make a tea ceremony, beginner’s version
Why don’t you enjoy an autumn tea ceremony in the tatami room of a famous family that has been in existence since the Kamakura period?
Omotesenke Bonten with careful explanations by instructor Hirose, First-timers will also be able to participate with ease.
November 23, 2023 (National Holiday) Registration starts at 9:30
115 Sumimata, Sumimata-cho, Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture
Sunomata Yado Ikedaya Waki-Honjin
Participation Fee
・Observe a demonstration of seating
・How to see and taste the tokonoma (alcove)
・Lecture on tea ceremony etiquette (how to take sweets, how to drink powdered green tea)
・How to taste the tea ceremony Taste thin green tea (matcha) and sweets.

If you wish to sit on a chair, one will be provided.
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Organized by: Gifu Ogaki and Minoji Sunomata Council
TEL +81-584-84-3781