Part 2 Minoji Sunomata-juku edition
Walking town Sunomata
Let’s deepen our hometown scenery karuta! !
Anyone is free to participate!
Saturday, October 28, 2023 9:15-12:00

1st venue: Gishimaya
(next to the east of Wakihonjin) Reception here (from 9:00)

2nd venue: Minoji Sunomata-juku Ikedaya Waki ​​Honjin
(115 Sunomata, Sunomata-cho)

3rd venue: Kojuji Temple(211-1 Sunomata, Sunomata Town)

◎At Wakihonjin…Kamishibai “Tennosai” and the story of Wakihonjin

●First session 9:15-9:45
●Second session 9:50-10:20 Ms. Kumiko Hirose and Ms. Ryoko Yoshida

◎At Gishimaya… Talk about the contents of “Furusato Scenery Karuta”

●First session 9:15-9:45
●Second session 9:50-10:20 (Furusato Ogaki Guide Association Sunata Branch members)

◎At Kojuji Temple…History lecture “Minoji Sunomata-juku Honjin”
(Mr. Mitsushi Miyagawa, curator of Onishi History and Folklore Museum)


◎5 Minoji Sunomata-juku checkmarks
(Ogaki City Important Cultural Property) on display (Koujuji Temple)

◎Walking Town Sunomata Landscape Karuta Original Art Exhibition (Kijimaya)
◎Stamp rally
●Visiting places related to Karuta (please see below for details)
Stamp rally with keywords
Visit 12 locations and get souvenirs!
Limited time: October 21st to 28th, 2023, Location: Gishimaya

Karuta picture cards and reading cards are installed at each destination.
Please write the keyword below that sign on the flyer.
*Stamp rally souvenirs can only be exchanged once per person.

< Yomifuda >
< Places to visit >
え 得がたい 往年の建築 岐島屋百貨店
お 大騒ぎ 墨俣川を 渡る象
In front of Nakamachi Shrine
こ 今宵も 美濃路を照らす 常夜燈
In front of Nakamachi Shrine
ち 朝風が 描く渡船場 墨俣渡し
In front of Nakamachi Shrine
も 物思い かつての川町 懐かしみ
In front of Nakamachi Shrine
ぬ 縫い上げる 思いをこめた つるし雛
の 残り香漂う 花びら飾る しだれ梅
は 橋杭に 祈りを込めて 笑み地蔵
Myodaiji Temple
め 目を見張る きらびやかな 朝鮮通信使
Tsushima Shrine
や 野菜使う 手作りアートの 天王祭
Tsushima Shrine
り 琉球使節 通行ゆかりの 石燈篭
Tsushima Shrine
わ 脇本陣 墨俣宿の 名残なり
Contact: Sunamata District Social Education Promotion Officer Usui

Sponsored by: Sunamata District Social Education Promotion Council
Co-sponsor: Sunomata Regional Town Development Council
*This project is supported by a grant from the Ogaki City Board of Education’s social education promotion project.