Sumimata Marugoto Rediscovery Tour: Beginners
In the deepening autumn season, why not walk with a local guide through the scenery of the Kamakura and Mino roads in Sunomata?
November 23, 2023 (National Holiday) Registration starts at 9:30
Sumimata-cho, Ogaki City, Gifu Prefecture
Sai River Sakura Park Parking Lot
Participation Fee
Time required: 4 hours
・Tour of shrines and temples that tell of 800 years of history
・Scenes from the Warring States to Edo Period that remain in daily life
・The view of the Nagara River from the Ichiyajo Castle Observation Deck
・Rest at the house of the village headman of days gone by while viewing the garden (20 min.) ・Kaiseki bento box lunch at the residence of a daimyo’s daimyo who used to parade with his feudal lord (60 min.)
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Organized by: Gifu Ogaki and Minoji Sunomata Council
TEL +81-584-84-3781